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Galbi – Korean Barbecue Ribs

Galbi or kalbi is most famous Korean barbecue dish made with marinated beef short ribs.
Beef Rib (diagonally cut) 4 Pounds
Chopped Green Onion 1T
Mashed Garlic 1T
Kiwi 1
Pear 1/2
Apple 1/2
Sesame Oil 1/3 Cup
Soy Sauce 1 Cup
Sugar 2/3 Cup
Black Pepper 1/2t
1. Soak ribs in water for 1 hour and drain. Get rid of fat.
2. Make sauce with soy sauce, sugar, chopped green onion, mashed garlic, sesame oil and black pepper. Grind kiwi, pear, and apple and mix them with the sauce.
3. Marinate ribs with the sauce for 12 hours.
4. Heat the oven and grill ribs for 15 minute or barbecue them.
* Most of korean grocery stores have diagonally cut ribs. They are called ‘LA galbi’ since they are laterally cut.


  1. The version of the marinade that I learned is soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, grated onion, mashed kiwi, & honey. It also gives it a really good flavor if you add just a little red wine….yummy

  2. i love and like korean food…i work in korean dive shop in Bohol Tropics Resort and i do cooking hehehe…my boss teach me to cook korean food and i learn alots from him…his a very good teacher and a cooker.
    i miss cooking korean food….i miss the Bibimbap food hehehe…taste so good! yummy!
    I miss Bohol Tropics Resort in Phils and work at that Dive Shop of Korean.

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