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Seafood pancake
Seafood Snacks

Seafood Pancake

  Recipe: Seafood Pancake Summary: Last week, I bought a bag of Korean pancake powder, a bag of frozen seafood mix, and some green onions and made Korean seafood pancake (Pa Jeon). I found making Pa Jeon so much easier with this pancake powder. Ingredients 2 cups of Korean Pancake Powder 1/2 cup of water …


Chili Prawns

Recipe: Chili Prawns Summary: There are several dishes that Koreans believe were originated from China, but quite often they are only found in Chinese restaurants in Korea. Chili prawn is only of those dishes. A bit spicy, sweet and delicious! Ingredients 20 Prawns Potato Starch 2/3 Cup 1 Egg Onion 1/2 Carrot 1/2 Chinese Chili …