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Rice Dishes

Pine Nut Porridge

Recipe: Pine nut porridge (잣죽) Summary: Pine nut porridge is a high-protein porridge that Koreans eat when they are sick or feel under the weather. The benefits of pine nuts are well known. They are believed to help strengthen immune system and digestion. Pine nut porridge doesn’t require many ingredients and it can be a …

Kimchi fried rice
Rice Dishes

Kimchi Fried Rice

Recipe: Kimchi Fried Rice Summary: Kimchi is delicious as it is.  Also it is a magic ingredient for many other dishes. We make a hotpot, soup, pancakes, dumplings and more with Kimchi. Kimchi fried rice is so easy to make and quick to prepare. Ingredients Chopped Kimchi 1/3 Cup Kimchi juice 2T Cooked Rice 1 …